zimbra mail server

mail server in Linux installation and configuration

Zimbra mail server is an free email server for open source users, which will provide calender and collaboration solution. Zimbra mail server has GUI interface to manage administrator console.

The Zimbra Collaboration includes the Zimbra MTA, the Zimbra LDAP server, and the Zimbra mailbox server. In a single-server installation, all components are installed on one server and require no additional manual configuration. This installation guide is a quick start guide that describes the basic steps needed to install and configure Zimbra Collaboration in a direct network connect environment. In this environment, the Zimbra server is assigned a domain for which it receives mail, and a direct network connection to the Internet. When Zimbra Collaboration is installed, you will be able to log on to the Zimbra administration console to manage the domain and provision accounts.

In this tutorial / article we will explain how to install and configure zimbra mail server in RHEL 7.x / Centos 7.x. Before going to install we have to complete prerequisites as mentioned below.

See Full Installation and configuration Here


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