samba server installation and configuration in rhel 7 / centos 7

We can also call this as CIFS (Common Internet File System) shares, Sharing the directories / Folders across the corporate network. Sharing the Directories / Folders from Linux to Windows and Windows to Linux wise versa we have to use SMB (samba) protocol. Samba is not only used for sharing directories, we can also use it for sharing printing services (printing server). I will explain you in detailed simple way to create and manage samba shares in RHEL 7.

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Hosting Secret Web Server in RHEL 7 / Centos 7

creating secret website means Installing and configuring Apache server and host an web site but web site would not accessible from all the hosts and its not visible even to the other hosts.

Why we have to host such a type of web site..?

We know maintaining confidential information as confidentially is very impotent, such a type of information can’t be shared / see by others who are not authorized to see. In this cases we can host a web site which will not be accessible from any other hosts, we can allow only certain IP addresses to access the web site.

creating secret website using Apache server in RHEL 7 procedure

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Integrating SSL certificate with web server

Secure web Server using SSL certification in RHEL 7

Installing and configuring Secure web Server in RHEL 7. SSL Certificates are small data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details. When we installed an web server with SSL (Secure Socket Later) certificate it shows an padlock in starting of the address bar and HTTPS protocol. As shown in the below figure.

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