Hero Habits - How to be Awesome Every Day at Work and Life

Hero Habits – How to be Awesome Every Day at Work and Life

This is what you will learn from this guide:
1. Why habits are so powerful and worth creating
2. A quick rating of your current habits
3. Where the ‘buck stops’ and what to do about it
4. How to know what habit to create
5. Why consistency is more important than big
6. The science behind habits and why rewards matter
7. How to feed the good habits
8. The trick to firing bad habits
9. Habit #1 – getting better, more sleep
10. Habit #2 – how to create amazing mornings
11. Habit #3 – 5 ways to win by listening better
12. Habit #4 – 4 proven ways to lose weight by eating differently
13. Habit #5 – 5 fast ways to get in shape, even if you aren’t now
14. Habit #6 – 7 steps to reading twice as fast
15. Habit #7 – how to plan like a pilot and reduce your anxiety
16. Habit #8 – 6 ways to easily bring mindfulness into your day
If you know your day could be more productive, fulfilling, and rewarding—read on. I
have included all my research and experimentation over the last five years in this easyto-
understand guide.


“Good habits are as addictive as bad habits, and a lot more rewarding.”
Harvey Mackay
Life is hard                                     1
Enter Hero Habits                        1
Rate yourself                                 3
What do you need?                     5
Point a finger                               6
Don’t go big – go consistent       7
How Hero Habits work             8
Feed the good ones                   10
Fire the bad ones                      11
Form the new ones                  12
#1 Hero sleep                            13
#2 Hero mornings                   15
#3 Hero listening                    17
#4 Hero eating                        18
#5 Hero fitness                       20
#6 Hero reading                     21
#7 Hero list making               23
#8 Hero mindfulness             24
We have met the enemy        26
The secret of the start             27
Your homework                       28

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