Work Smarter Not Harder 28 Tips That Boost Your Work Day

Work Smarter Bot Harder 28 Tips That Boost Your Work Day

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Who is This Book For?

This book is mainly geared towards office workers (both at home or in a cubicle).

While the tips are mainly geared towards those who have a day job, all the advice can be applied to home offices, too.

Even if you don’t work in those particular environments, you can still pick up some valuable tips to improve your everyday performance.


1. Write Things Down
2. Track Your (Deep Work) Hours
3. Write an Operating Document
4. Show Your Skills
5. Take Advantage of Commuting Times
6. Maximize Your Evening and Morning Rituals
7. Set the Expectations Right
8. Preparation is the Key to Success
9. Turn off Electronics Early Enough
10. Switch Your Workspace Based on the Task
11. Walk Away from the Task – and Then Come Back
12. Keep Others Updated of the Status of Long-Running Task
13. Have a Status Meeting Every Day
14. Keep Perfection at Bay
15. Create Healthy Habits Almost by an Accident
16. Waiting Time Can Be Productive, Too
17. Don’t Let the Clutter Escalate
18. Have a Personal Knowledge Base
19. Create a Starting and Finishing Routine for Your Day
20. Try to Find an Eliminator Task in a Group of Similar Tasks
21. Ask: What Can I Do to Improve the Productivity for Others?
22. Use a Standing Desk
23. Know When You Are Working and When You Are Not
24. Buy Some Free Time with Your Salary
25. Let Others Know When They Can Interrupt You
26. Know Which Types of Tasks to Work on and When
27. Semi-Delay Your Email Checking
28. Feel Grateful for What You are Doing
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Timo Kiander runs a productivity blog called Productive Superdad. His blog helps individuals interested in personal productivity on two levels: By improving their personal productivity, at work or in life and becoming more organized.

Timo is also into endurance sports. He has run 18 marathons so far, and has already lost count of how many triathlons he has participated in. In his free time, he likes to spend as much time as possible with his wife and son.

Timo is very approachable and easy to get along with, so don’t hesitate to contact him if you have any questions regarding this book (or any other matter) by sending him an e-mail at:

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